Book Cover Art & Illustration

Cover Design and Illustration

Custom Book Covers and Illustrations

 Are you planning on self publishing your novel or children's book? I am a illustrator and book cover designer and can help you design the perfect book cover art for your novel or draw illustrations for your children's book. I also create character design, logos, game illustrations and posters. Please take a look at my graphic design portfolio.

Your Ideas or Mine?

 I can use your detailed instructions on how you want your images or cover to look, or I can come up with the ideas myself based on your story line. I can draw either realistic style or cartoon style images. Genres include fantasy, horror, sci-fi or images for children's books. 

Let's Get Started!

 Most of my clients use Create Space from as their publisher. Some use Infinity Publishing, Ingram Spark,or Soar Publishing. Whoever your publisher/printer is, I can easily work with you to get your book cover and  illustrations complete. Please send me the details on what you need created! You can use my  contact page for more information, or email me direct  at: