Custom Book Covers

Book Covers for Print or for Ebooks

I can create your book cover design for print or for an e-book. If you order a book cover for print, you will receive your e-book cover free of charge! (provided it is the same art as the cover for print).

Realism or Cartoon

I will create your book covers with your choice of either cartoon characters or realistic characters. Custom design for books of any genre! If you wish to use Createspace, BookBaby, Ingram Spark or any other self publishing service, I can help you obtain the best book covers for your books or book!

Book Cover Design for Self Publishing

If you are wanting to self publish your book, I can help you with your cover art design. Be it Create Space from Amazon, Ingram Spark, Infinity, Soar Publishing or whoever you choose for your publisher or printer. I can create your cover either print or ebook or both! Please contact me if you have any questions.


For cover creation you will need to provide the following check list:

  1. Title and author's name as you want it to appear on the cover.
  2. Dimensions of your book
  3. Page count ( so we can configure spine width ).
  4. Back of book text- description of what your book is about
  5. What you would like to see on the cover. - Please keep in mind that we have a small area to work with and I will do everything I can to create the cover of your dreams.
  6. If there are any specific characters to go onto the cover, please let me know the important details such as age, hair color, height, weight, eye color, race, clothing details ect.
  7. Let me know of geographical area if it is important for the cover such as mountains, water/beach,  climate.
  8. Let me know the time era
  9. Do you want art work on the front only of do you want the full wrap around where there is artwork across the front, spine and back?

I can send you a time frame of when you will receive your first sample once I receive the above information. 

I allow 1 revision which is free of charge. If you request any more revisions after that 1, there will be an additional $20 per extra revision. 

Thank you for choosing Digitell Design and I look forward to working with you on your new book cover!